About Child Safe

Child Safe is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness on the dangers of child abduction and other crimes against children. Child abduction offences are on the rise in the U.K with thousands of reported abductions every year. Most people are unaware of the dangers within their cities and towns, as when an abduction or attempted abduction occurs, it is not published to the public in time. By raising awareness of the dangers, we can become more vigilant at the times we are most complacent.

Child Safe’s mission is to educate our children (and their parents), as they need the knowledge to know what to do and how to react if ever put in these situations. There is so much more to come from Child Safe but first I need YOU to support me, only then as the people of the UK can we prevent and stop this happening to our children.

All donations made to Child Safe will go into the educational programme I am currently designing called ‘THINK Child, THINK Safe’. I would like this rolled into all schools to support our children and make the UK a safer place.

We are stronger as one and this is our mission.